Friday 24th May 2024

Refund Return And Cancellation Policy

There are times where we have placed the order by mistake or we wanted to place an order for something else and end up ordering something else. Since we provide our services globally, to make sure our customers are satisfied with the items they get from EbaChikan we provide the best transparency in our policies. If you have queries or questions about what should you do to cancel the item or return the item?

Is the payment method safe and secure? Yes, the payment methods on EbaChikan is 100% safe and secure.

To solve such queries the following are Frequently Asked Questions that you can refer to in case of refund, return, or cancellation of any item.


How should I return/exchange an order? (India)

The ones who have placed an order within the boundaries of a country can opt for the return option on the website or app. Select the item which you wish to return and the time will be taken into return consideration.


How should I Return / Exchange an order? (International)

We keep our customer’s satisfaction as a priority. In case you want to return or exchange an order, you can place the request for the same on our website or contact us on WhatsApp and we will help you with the same ASAP.


What is the refund policy?

Once your order gets under quality check and is assured without usage with proper tags and everything, the refund usually gets initiated within 24 to 48 hours to your payment method or e-wallet.

In case you had opted for COD, the amount will be refunded to your given bank account within 24 to 48 hours.


How should I cancel the order that I have placed? (India)

In case you have placed the order that you didn’t want to and want to cancel the same. You can do it until the order is dispatched, once the order is dispatched it can’t be canceled.


How should I cancel the order that I have placed? (International)

Once the item is dispatched it can’t be canceled prior to that it can be, with an option on the website or you can contact our customer care support.


We understand that every customer is different and their clarification from queries is a must for us. In case you have further queries you can contact our customer care support hassle-free.


Customer care Support:-

Contact Number:- +91 9532014375